est. 1967

Current Situation

We closed our premises in Stellenbosch since October 2018.

We no longer operate as a firearms dealer; all firearms and ammunition have been transferred either to Legally Armed or SAPS as appropriate.

Jacques Arzul continues to operate as a clockmaker in his private residence; if you would like to get in touch regarding a clock, Jacques's details are as follows:

  • e-mail:
  • cell: 082 350 8077


About Gun o´ Clock

Established in 1967 by Jacques Arzul, Gun o´ Clock has been operating for more than half a century offering unique services to the clock and firearm community, privileged to work on amazing pieces such as the "Moederkerk" Tower Clock, the fine Dutch long case clock for the Killie-Campbell Museum in Durban.

Jacques is a horologist with fifty years of experience of antique clocks, watches, musical boxes, automatons, locks etc. Half a century of mechanical engineering, and services to the community of firearm owners.

Some of Jacques's Achievements

  • Estblished 1967, appointed clockmaker to the Cultural History Museum in 1968
  • Founder member of the Stellenbosch Shooting Club (1969)
  • Opened his shop in 152 Dorp St. Stellenbosch and obtained 1st Gunsmithing licence.
  • Restored the "Moederkerk" Tower Clock, a historical & famous church in Stellenbosch (1976 )
  • Restoration of a XVII C. table clock made by Jeremias Pfaff of Ausbourg.
  • Restored clocks for the Durban Art Gallery (1996)
  • Restored a fine Dutch long case clock for the Killie-Campbell Museum in Durban
  • Invited to join as a "Fellow of the British Horological Institute" (2010)